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High Fat Diet

What is the High Fat Diet?

A high fat diet does not sound like it makes sense but a study was done proving differently. These diets help you lose weight without eliminating fatty foods. John Hopkins conducted a study which includes the high fat diet and the low fat diets. There were 23 men and women weighing over 218 pounds and between the ages 30 to 65.

The tests lasted 6 months and included aerobics and weight lifting. Further, their diet included no more than 30% of calories from carbs. The high fat dieters lost 10 pounds in 45 days and it took the low fat dieters a month longer to reach that goal.

This proves it is one of the diets that really work. Take note however, this study doesn't take into account the long term results and health effects.

High Fat Diet Menu

Just like any diet, people may not know what to make for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks in between. When deciding which diets that really work most plans will have recipes and suggestions of meals to eat.

The majority of these plans require you to consume 80% of fat and 20% of protein. If any pre-existing health conditions exist, be sure to talk to a doctor. They will know if certain foods will be harmful.

To make this the most effective diet, the consumption of carbs need to be eliminated. No breads, pasta's, sugar, milk; most fruit cannot be eaten, rather eggs, meats, nuts, cream cheese, butter, fatty fish, among others. Carbs are less filling, usually resulting in overeating, so by cutting out carbs, you will eat less.

High Fat Diet Risks

Risks are always involved with everything. Although not everyone will experience them, some include constipation, slow metabolism, heart disease and more.

Constipation may occur because of the limited amount of fiber the diet allows. Fiber is found in fruits and grain; it is best to take supplements to avoid this. The metabolism begins to slow down in extreme cases. Sometimes fats are broken down to replace glucose; this is called Ketosis. Ketosis is a condition that wastes muscles. The most serious risk is heart disease. Obviously high fat will raise cholesterol levels increasing your risk.

High Fat Diet Benefits

When finding the best diets that really work, people need to talk to professionals and do their own research. According to some studies the high fat diet works for them, getting rid of
face fat and back fat. Sally Fallon did some studies based off of Weston Price, a dentist who traveled the world studying teeth. The findings showed people who consumed sugar, white flour, and processed food had lower immunity, crowded teeth and their appearance was even different.

The Ketogenic diet was used since the 1920s to treat epilepsy. Other studies found people with Parkinson's disease had better control when eating a high fat diet. Due to some of these findings, it is safe to assume there are real benefits but it takes a lot of watching the fats you consume.

High Fat Diet And Cancer

After studying cancer cells and normal cells Otto Warburg found normal cells generated energy through metabolizing sugar in the mitochondria. Cancerous cells generate it through glycolysis. This is done through the formation of sugar in the cytoplasm. Therefore, eliminating it will starve the cells.

The study showed the tumors stopping growing and some shrunk, even disappeared. The study was not enough to convince others because of various factors however, the few people who did participate had positive results. This diet is usually used as a last resort because of the lack of studies, but it definitely looks positive.